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Is your Facebook Cover Photo on-brand?

A business Facebook cover photo is a fantastic way to increase your brand awareness and company across the world’s most used social network.  A professionally designed Facebook cover by Daydream creative photo can take your page to new heights!
When you look at an awesome page with a heap of followers what do you notice? The cover photo is professional and onbrand! One thing that is imminently clear is that your Facebook cover needs to tie in with your marketing and branding. Consistency is super important when trying to increase your company’s social media presence.
The best way to create a great Facebook cover photo is to keep it consistent with your own branding. The use of colours are an important feature which should be included in your Facebook cover design as this will help cement your brand identity to all of your followers using social media. Now over one billion people registered on Facebook, making a lasting impression is more important than ever.

A good Facebook cover can help bring new customers to your business for relatively little cost.

It is possible to use free programs to create your cover photo but this won’t be of the quality of many of the professionally designed Facebook covers which can be seen all across Facebook. Our graphic design team here at Daydream Creative have the passion and the experience to create a cover photo which will help boost your online presence.
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Below are just a few of the Facebook pages we have designed at Daydream Creative!
We also designed the logo for each of these businesses. Branding is everything and MUST be consistent.

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