Plan your social media for the month in less than 2 hours

I speak to business owners every week who are struggling to post and produce content for social media on a regular basis that is valuable.
Here are a few simple steps to take the guess work and stress away from planning your social media posts for the entire MONTH. Can be done in less than 2 hours!
1. Decide the two main things (products, projects or services) that you want to highlight and promote over the next 4 weeks.
2. For each of these write about what you are advertising, this can be a pain point question followed by a more detailed description. Add a link to your website where the customer can find more info, book or purchase, essentially take the next step / action.
First two posts done!
3. Select an inspirational quote or positive testimonial for each and create a graphic that communicates this clearly within your brand guidelines and colour palette.
Half way there…
4. Give a tip or provide a solution that your products or services will solve for your audience. Give them some free info or advice that relates to what you are advertising, could be linked to a blog or article on your website.
5. Lastly, we want to create some emotion. Include an image or video of someone using your product, or someone looking happy, revealed or whatever emotion you want your customers to feel when using your product or services.
Now you have 8 posts, 2 per week to keep your social media audience engaged.
Why not create a matching graphic for each post to add to your stories – perfect!
That is now 12 pieces of content spread over the month to keep your audience informed about what you are doing and offering, keeping you front of mind for people so when they need your services you will be front of mind.
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