Why good website design matters for your business!

Almost every business or individual working in today’s market has a website. Sadly, a large number of these websites are poorly designed or come straight from a wordpress template; this is not going to help you stand out or get ahead.

Good website design is a must in today’s highly visual market.

The way your site looks and the overall design tells users whether they want to interact or do business with you in just a fraction of a second. One glance can turn someone into a customer, or force that person to click away.
The design of your website can take days, weeks or even months, but weather it hits your target audience will be decided in a few seconds! The first impression will determine if or how the user wants to interact with your business. A visually pleasing design will lengthen that first glance and retainer users attention.
The visuals, photography, wording and strong brand elements will make the site more memorable.
Eyetracking studies that the below are what uses look for on a home page:
Oversizedmain image or graphic, Branding and logo, Main navigation to get an idea of the site content, text or message in large letters and a footer with contact information.
Strong graphics, photography and a clean design create legitimacy to a website. These elements can also establish trust in your brand, which is very important.  A user will equate the experience he or she has on your website with the experience they are likely to have with you in person.
If your website design is chaotic or haphazard it tells visitors that you don’t care about your business. It can cause a user to shy away from your company altogether.

Users will make thousands of assumptions about your company or brand based solely on the website design. It’s your job to make sure it portrays the message you want people to receive about your business.

If you are unsure about how to proceed with a website design, get in-touch with us and we can discuss different options that suit your business and budget.
Great website design starts with hierarchy, you need to sort information for the busy user. Most people are time-poor, you need to aesthetically define what’s important so your message can be communicated at a glance.
Here are some notes to consider when deciding on your page/information structure:
daydream creative graphic designWhat is the most important thing you have to showcase? Show this off by using a strong visual and clear text block. This needs to stand out more than anything else!
daydream creative graphic designYou need a supporting detail. Consider what else will help the user understand the important element? Create a simple design feature that compliments the main element. This could be a second line of text or simply navigation.daydream creative graphic designCall to Action. What is the goal of your website? Make it obvious. Maybe utalise a button, special colour or simple animation.
Your website is your main form of advertisement to the public. Anyone in the world can access your site. It creates an image of who you are, your products and services.

On your website, you have control of the message you want to put out!

A good website displays information in an obvious way. It also tells the story of your brand. All images and text throughout the website should reflect the mood and tone of your company, and it’s values.
Are you super fun or quite serious? Do you work with adults or a younger audience? What services or products do you offer? Why should the user choose you?Your content and visuals should answer all of these questions instantly!
Read more on how we can design a logo and branding for your business.
Technology is changing and the mobile market is growing at a super fast rate!

Today’s websites must be responsive!

Every user may have a different idea of what an “ideal” website design is. But by using basic design principals and considering usability and website goals, you can create a site that looks good and works well for your users.

If you are considering a new website, think about:
First impressions, overall image, information hierarchy, branding, how the user will interact with the site will help you ensure you create the best possible website design for your business!
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If you would like to discuss your existing website or a new business you are launching, please get in touch with us at Daydream Creative! We love hearing about your amazing business ideas and bringing them to life through great design!

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