5 Tips to improve your website (yourself) in 2022

As a business owner, you should review your website content, navigation, imagery and flow regularly.

Your website is a constant work in progress and it needs to evolve with your brand and your business. But I know that we’re all busy business owners here and, especially when it comes to working on our own brand, website or marketing… we tend to often slack and put it on the back-burner.

The start of the year is the perfect time to revamp and update your website to communicate your vision for the year and update any new products or services that could help and/or interest your audience.

I am challenging you to take action on your website and prepare your online home for the new year. If you’re not quite ready yet for a full website transformation, but you do want to take your website up a notch, then i have a few quick ideas to update your website for 2022 to grow your sales and convert your visitors into loyal customers!

1. Review your mobile website to ensure it is responsive and engaging
Your web experience needs to be as seamless on mobile as it is on desktop. This doesn’t mean that you should simply take your desktop site and cramp it into a smaller screen size – this can actually cause more hard than good. To really create the best mobile experience possible, you need to consider:

Vertical hierarchy: This means you need to be strategic in your vertical hierarchy and think about what is the most useful information you want your visitor to see.

It’s actually not uncommon for mobile websites to have less elements than the desktop version. In fact, a lot designers often use the Mobile First approach when it comes to designing websites, which basically means that your site is first designed on mobile and then expanded into tablet and desktop versions.

Font and button sizes: Ensure that your font sizes are scaled appropriately and are not overpowering or too small to read. The same goes for buttons, you want the user to see them but they don’t need to take up the width of the screen!

Navigation: Keep it simple is our best advice. A logo and call button should be prominent. But other than that keep the navigation simple and easy to read.

2. Website imagery

Professional photography can do wonders for your website. A professional looking website with gorgeous photography has the capacity to retain your visitor’s attention much more and convert way better than a site filled with content but not visually appealing.

So if you’re not ready to fully redesign your website, you can take it up a notch by investing in a professional photoshoot to make your website more visual. And the awesome thing is that you can reuse the images in so many different ways: on your website, your social media, your newsletter, your marketing materials etc.

Not quite ready to invest in a branded photoshoot right now? You can also search for online stock libraries to find good quality images there. Our only advise would be to not overuse them as it can make the website look very generic, not what you want to appeal to your ideal client!

3. Review content

As your business grows and services and products change you need to regularly update your website content. Go through each page and make changes that reflect the direction of your business, bit or small. I would recommend doing this every month!

4. Write three new blogs

Adding new content to your website is great for Google and your visitors. Adding a few blogs a month will keep people coming back and front of mind when they need your services. They are also great content generators for socials!

Maybe a How to, industry news and a product review or case study as a start.

5. Is your branding consistent?

As you know, we love branding and place a lot of importance on it. Check your header, footer, slider images and overall look and feel of the website. Is it consistent with your brand colours and style? If not, consider how you could improve it and take action!

Having a website that you are proud of and that reflects your awesome business gives you the confidence to promote and send potential clients there. If you are not proud of your website and need some extra guidance, get intouch with Amanda by sending an sms to 0409661481 with your inquiry and a time that is good to chat and we will be intouch asap to discuss how we can assist you. or flick an email to amanda@daydreamcreative.com.au


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