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About 5 years ago we developed a new logo and website for Thorncraft & Darby Upholstery. Last year they realised that they needed to improve their mobile site, create a blog showcasing their work and bring their social media presence all in line visually. We were very excited about the challenge!!
We researched other upholsters in the area, their competitors, and also other upholstery companies big and small from all around the world to see what they were doing in 2016! From this we also developed a style through stock images that worked in with the brand and colour identity we had already created. We launched the website late 2016 and the client was very happy and continues to get positive feedback.
Check out the website here.

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We also gave their Facebook page a revamp and they started sharing their recovery jobs through photos on their blog and Facebook. They have enjoyed great success from getting their brand out there and infront of more people – potential clients.
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