We have launched a podcast called ‘Create Chat’ featuring Amanda Hamer from Daydream Creative and Pip Rae from WordStlyer.

“We will be inspiring business owners to take action and create their big vision. Giving value and educating business owners on the creative process and what it takes for business growth, innovation and marketing strategies.”

There is some serious creative chemistry and little gems that surface when these two creative minded business owners get together!

EP 1 | How to Increase Brand Perception
In this episode Pip and Amanda talk about how revamping your logo, updating branded imagery, refining your elevator pitch and rebranding your business message can reposition your products and services, making them relevant and more relatable to your audience.

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Simple strategies that you can do yourself and the benefits of engaging the professionals. There are so many tips and hacks inside that will inspire you to create and empower you to take action to bring your big ideas to life.

Knowing your personal brand requires more than just reflection. Understanding your worth is not only measured by your profit and loss statement. Realising your true potential is the key to success.  What you think you are offering and what other perceive you to be providing, in your business are two very different things.

Being able to showcase your services not only means you need to attract but retain your customers attention. It is all about communicating what you do, how you do it and why through visual and written communication strategies that work.

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