4 reasons to rebrand

We specialise in creating brands that really engage and connect with our clients audience.

We recommend a brand evaluation or review every year to make sure your logo and branding is still relevant, on point and attracting your target audience. This is something you can do yourself!

Here are 4 reasons companies decide to invest in their brand and revamp their look!

1. Your logo no longer reflects your brand and it’s values
Your logo may have been designed a long time ago and now looks dated and is holding you back from business growth. Or your business may have had a shift in the services you offer or target audience.

These things will cause a disconnect with your brand and its target audience. It can create confusion and loss of trust. You want your logo to attract your ideal clients by reflecting your brand values.

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2. A shift in ownership
If you purchase a business, it is a great idea to put your own stamp on it so it feels like yours! Also, as a new owner you won’t have the emotional attachment to the old logo.

This is especially relevant if you are planning on taking the business in a slightly different direction or want to attract a different audience.

3. Your logo was never professionally designed
When starting a business there are so many costs involved, and many people don’t initially see the value in a professionally designed logo. Many use cheap online solutions to generate a generic logo or even create a simple logo themselves. This can result in an amateurish look as quite often your colours and fonts won’t be refined and will be quite basic.

Your logo represents your brand. People see your logo and connect it with your business. If your logo is dated, not professional or bland – they will form the same opinion of your business!

Your old logo can be revamped, or the concept pushed a little further. But if you are going to go to the effort of hiring a professional designer, it is only a few more steps to totally rebrand and come up with a custom logo that is designed specifically for your business.

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4. It is dated and not distinctive enough
One of the most common reasons client’s rebrand is that their logo looks dated and tired. Your logo is on signage, printed brochures and clothing. If it is outdated it has to go – that’s if you are serious about growing your business and being successful!

If your logo does not stand out against your competitors and does not create a brand image you are proud of then it’s time for a change. If your customers can not identify you from your competitors then your logo is not working for you.

Your logo needs to be an extension of your business, it’s values and products or services. It needs to embody what you do and give your customers confidence and build authority for your business.

So, if you have been considering a new logo, use the above points as a checklist. If you agree with 2 or more of them then you meet the criteria for a new logo – yay!

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Logos and branding are what we specialise in at Daydream Creative. Contact us if you would like to discuss your current logo and the possibility of investing in your business and updating your brand identity with an amazing new custom logo!

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