But, they want their brands to look great and provide the best customer experience possible.

Does your logo design look unprofessional and cluttered? If so, the chances are you’ve cost your business money.

Think of the world’s biggest brands: Coca Cola, Apple, Google, Nike, McDonald’s, Adidas. What do they have in common? A strong and cohesive visual identity, classic and timeless.
We are very passionate about designing logo’s and branding for our clients. We take the time to meet with our clients, research the industry and develop a concept that will appeal to the target audience.
Here are some images that explain a bit more about our logo design process.
We meet with our clients to discuss their business / products, ideas and define their target audience before any design is started.

We ask for any colours they would like to represent their brand, if they have an icon attached to the brand that customers may recognise and for any general logo samples they like for inspiration.
Some clients have a concept in mind and that is great, but many times they do not know what they want – and that is totally fine aswell!
Research is such an important place to start when designing a logo for a business or product.
We research competitors ans styles the client has expressed interest in. This research helps form a solid concept.
Concept development – where the fun starts!
We love sketching our concepts before moving onto the computer. We find the process quite helpful in developing the composition of elements and the typography style.
After sketching we move onto refining the design on the computer.
We illustrate the image elements and refine the typography to develop a variety of concepts for the client to review.
We present our clients with a few different concepts to review.
We work with them to develop their chosen concepts until they LOVE their new logo.
If you would like to know more about how we work, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

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