Website checklist

There are a few things that all websites need to be doing in 2017!
Read our checklist below:
Does your logo appear in a highly visible area in the header? It needs to be a decent size and appear on a clean background and link back to the home page.
Your phone number needs to be in the header, large and clickable to call on all mobile devices.
Your want to get your users details so you can build your database. So you need to offer them a reason to signup on the home page, make it look good and eye catching. We do not recommend popups, especially on mobile devices.
Your navigation needs to be clear and guide the user through the site as it was intended. We recommend horizontal menus with dropdowns if necessary.
Social media can be amazing for businesses when used correctly. People might not need your service straight away, but if you give them the option to follow you on social media, you will be fresh in their mind when the time comes! Have social media icons in the header so they are easy to find.
Blogging is fantastic! It is a great way to stay connected with your audience by providing free information about your products, services and industry. It is also FANTASTIC for organic SEO. A blog a week is the goal to start with. You need links or a news feed on your home page to link people directly to your blog posts.
Video is the fastest way to intoroduce yourself, your business, your products and services. In today’s society we don’t have time to read big slabs of text and would much rather watch a 30-60 second video. It is also a better way of connecting with your audience.
Please read our blog post on video tips HERE.
Your footer needs to have all of your contact info, links to important pages in your site, company and ABN details if applicable. Google loves this! It also builds authenticity and trust in your brand.
This is a must in 2017! So many people are on smart phones and tablets these days, you are loosing potential customers by the day if your site is not optimised for mobile. Not to mention, Google will penalise you, even on desktop if you do not have a mobile friendly website.
How did you score?
If you are not meeting 80% of these requirements you should consider updating your website. This does not always mean a new website, we can modify and update your current website in many cases.
Get in touch if you would like to discuss your website with our professional team!

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