How to successfully use videos in your marketing?

Online videos are increasingly flooding our social media news feeds and email inbox’s.
Online video has become a key channel for consuming content.  And whilst it’s no surprise that entertainment and inspiration are the key motivators for consuming this type of media, Australians are watching online videos for many other reasons worthy of our attention.

Recent studies show that over 12 million of Australians watch onine videos to learn something new each month. Some are researching a hobby and others are searching for information about a product or service.

Accordingly, brands are able to use online video platforms such as YouTube to create content that provides consumers with deeper connections to their products and generates an emotional experience of ownership.

So how can you introduce online videos into your marketing strategy without having to spend a small fourtune on a creative campaign? Here’s a few ideas!
Give your customers interesting information – and more than they expect!
The more you give, the more value they will see in your products and services, you also build a positive relationship with your overall business. Information and how-to videos can help customers visualize how your products will fit their lifestyle and also build the authenticity of your brand. Tips you have learnt or sharing positive client testimonials will all strengthen your relationship with your potential customers.
Create an emotional connection with your audience
By bringing in your own personality and uniqueness you will encourage the user to want to work with you. Make them laugh, use an uplifting tone and encourage interaction or a response to your video message. This type of content can really add personality and bring your business to life IF EXECUTED CORRECTLY!

You need to consider your business personality and your audience when deciding on the tone of your video. You always need to create marketing that will appeal to your market.

Short and sweet
Most people watch videos on their smart phones, often inbetween meetings or while traveling, so keeping them short will ensure your audience watched the entire video and gains the most out of your message. As a general guide, aim for 30-90 seconds and don’t wait until the end to deliver your amazing message.

Interest wanes as viewers get distracted or bored so if there’s something important to say, say it straight away!

Brand your videos!
You want people to instantly know that the video is yours! Have an opening message, have your logo or tagline visible throughout the video and end with a photo of you, your website or contact details and a takeaway quote.

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We are going to practice what we preach , so you will be seeing more video marketing from us really soon!

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