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It is no secret that you want to get the best return on your investment when it comes to advertising and marketing. We are going to discuss which channels are worth your time, and money!

You can’t put together a solid marketing campaign without goals. Do you want to increase sales revenue, increase website traffic or improve brand awareness?
Once you nail down your goals it is time to create a kicker online campaign. This usually means meeting with your marketing team and/or designer. Contact us if you need help!

According to a survey done by Ascend2 the most effective channel for a digital marketing plan is to include YOUR WEBSITE (68%), followed by email campaigns and social media.

This is no surprise to the team at Daydream Creative! We bang on to our clients how important their website is, it is often the first point of call for your clients and they can decide from one glance if they want to deal with you or not.
Many businesses have a website but fall short in supplying their customers what they want to see, the user experience is not there.
You need a unified brand, an engaging campaign and satisfy your users every step of the way. You also need to make sure your marketing looks great on all platforms, desktop, mobile, emails and social media.

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Just because your website is the best channel for a marketing campaign, does not mean it is the easiest.

According to a survey done by Ascend2 the most difficult channel to execute a digital marketing plan is YOUR WEBSITE (40%), followed by social media.

Almost a complete match to the most effective channels! So you need to weigh up effectiveness and ease of implementation before deciding what channels to focus on for your business.
We recommend using the assets and channels you can easily implement – like your website and social media.

You have most likely invest a fair amount of time or money into your website to make sure it does a great job at converting prospects into customers. You need to make sure it looks good, if your website is outdated or not working your potential clients will see this as an overall indication of your business or products.

You need to make sure the content is engaging. People want to go to your website and find new information or blog posts each time. Why go back if it always stays the same?

You need to solve your clients problems, touch on their pain points. This engages them to take the next step, or at least read on.

If you are not 100% happy with your existing website we offer complimentary Website and Brand analysis.

We can look at your website in terms of design, functionality, brand awareness and advise how you could improve your website.What is preventing potential client’s from taking action? What is making them question taking the first step? We can advise you on how to remove these barriers and connect with your target audience better.

Contact us today to organise a meeting!

According to the survey results, social media is the easiest to implement. The problem is, many businesses still implement the campaign as an afterthought.
Many business owners that have been around for a while don’t see the importance or potential of social media.
The fact is that most users today not only check out your website, but if they like you they will follow you on social media. This will keep you in the forefront of their minds when they do need your services!

Your posts should be branded, regular and professional. Link them back to your website for more information. This is where you will get them to convert and contact you!

It is also worth boosting your posts, that way you can choose the audience you want to see your campaign.
You need to make sure your campaign embodies a strong brand message that is consistent.

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In conclusion, your online campaigns need to be strong, engaging and targeting at your ideal client. They need to be implemented on your website, shared on social media, followed up by email campaigns and offer a way to solve your potential client’s problems.

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