Seo is not scary

Many of our clients ask how to get their websites to appear on the first page of Google. The answer is complicated and the SEO side of the profession had a sketchy reputation.
We encourage our clients to try to organically increase their Google rating through creating fresh content through regular blogging and other simple methods before jumping into paid SEO.
There are many factors that will help increase your Google ranking. Firstly, you need a website that is constantly being updated with fresh content. Blog posting is a great way to do this!
You also need to use your key words throughout the content in a smart way, no keyword word spamming!

Your website needs to be mobile friendly. If it is not, Google now penalises you.

Creating reputable links and backlinks within your website is a clever way to help increase your Google ranking aswell.
Here is an interesting article with some helpful tips and advice of things you can do to get your website ranking higher on Google!
Read article here.

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