Our top 4 video tips for small business

Videos have become an essential marketing tool for businesses! If you are not using videos to connect and communicate with your audience – start now!

As users scroll through their social media feeds and browse websites, images alone are not always enough to grab the viewers attention, and sustain it.

Fun fact: 60% of millennials  prefer to watch a video than read a newsletter!

You need to get the audience attention within the first five seconds. You need to make a connection, get a reaction or evoke a feeling.

Ask a question. Tell a related joke. Use eye catching imagery. Whatever it is, it needs to hit your target audience straight in the sweet spot so they get hoocked and feel the ‘need’ to watch the rest of the video to find out more.

So many of us watch videos on the train, in the doctors office and other public places.

If your video relies 100% on audio you are missing out on a heap of potential viewers.

We are not saying remove all audio and speaking, but think about adding captions and other graphical elements to help tell your story, that way people can still connect with you if they don’t have headphones and are in a public place!

SEO is super important and with so much content being placed online you need to make sure your videos are working for you and impacting your seo positively. YouTube is great! Add all of your videos on there first. Add long and short-tailed keywords.

Tip: Search YouTube for phrases related to your business or product to find out what is trending.

Humanise your brand. You don’t need a fancy studio produced video. People relate to you more if they see you on their level.
The days of eye candy are over. Film in your natural environment. Show an insight into your world. What’s most important is communicating something to your audience directly; otherwise, you could lose some serious time and money.

Your message is key! Your content needs to warrant your viewers time, they want to get something from the 5 minutes they invest in your video.

No matter how long or short or flashy or simple, all experts agree your videos should have some sort of business goal or objective besides apart from selling a product or boasting a website.

In conclusion, the success of your video depends on the goal you’re set out to accomplish. Figure out what you want the video to do for your business, product or audience and then plan a strategy and content to achieve your goal.
Video is the way of the future, hold on for the ride!

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