Branding and your website

Strong and consistent branding on your website is vital in creating the feeling of organisation and trust in your brand.

Your website needs to be instantly recognisable and connected to your branding. Having your logo at a visible size and in a prominent position is a key way to achieve this. Using your logo elements consistently throughout the website will reinforce your brand significance and increase brand recognition. The inclusion of your tagline or mission statement will also create a connection with your user.

Your brand colours and style need to be used in a consistent and creative way that will instantly connect the user to your brand. Use clear, clean typography that compliments and does not compete with your logo. Refine your brand colours and use them as a hierarchy to create depth and interest. Your brand should be represented in the same way visually on your print material, social media graphics and video branding.

Using imagery that represents your brand will engage and evoke emotion and create connection from the user.

Keeping the style of photography and graphics consistent with all other branding is key to a successfully branded website. While stock photography can be a quick fix, we recommend including professional photographs of you, your team, clients and products as this will resonate with the user on a more personal level.

“Design is the silent ambassador for your brand.”
– Paul Rand

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