5 Tips to improve your instagram profile

Instagram is the biggest image sharing platform in the world!

We love Instagram as a social media platform. You can be creative, visual and engaging to communicate with your audience and any size business can be successful.

“65% of the world are visual learners, so if you can create brand consistency through your images, brand colours and tone of communication, you will attract and retain more people.”

We would like to share 5 tips to improve your Instagram profile:

  1. Your Instagram business profile image should be your logo or if you are a personal brand, a professional photo of yourself.
  2. As you are only allowed one link in your profile, create a Linktr.ee page and include that link instead of your website as it enables you to include multipal important links. Check out mine here – https://linktr.ee/amandahamer
  3. Your bio should be direct, say exactly what you do in a clear and concise way – list your services. Use emojis to add some personality.
  4. Include a # in your bio. This can be a custom # you create for your business or one that you have researched that is relavent. Check out Hastagify.Me – https://hashtagify.me/ 
  5. Create Highlights from your stories for your main products, services or insteresting things you want your audience to know. These are the circle icons at the bottom of your profile info. We love the idea of creating custom icon style images for each highlight.

BONUS TIP: Check your insights, specifically the Audience tab to check what days/times your audience are usually online and post more around those times.

Hope this has been helpful!

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