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We have just launched a new custom designed website for Parkside Sports Physio in Engadine!
Matt McEwan from Parkside Sports Physio approached us as he needed a new website. His old website was dated, not working properly and was not showcasing the professional services they provide. We met with Matt to discuss his specific requirements.

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We needed to know who his target market was, what specialty services were they are known for, why people generally come to them for physio treatment and was there anything that they do differently than other physios.
Matt explained that they commonly treat running and sporting injuries, specifically ankle sprains, knee pain and back related issues. His target audience was females roughly in their 30’s to 40’s, often Mum’s that were getting back into fitness or running events or they were dragging in their husbands with bad knees or backs from work related injuries. They often treat children and older adults recovering from surgery aswell.

Parkside also specialise in event and endurance training injuries. They also stay ahead of the curve by constantly updating their knowledge, research and rehabilitation techniques.
They also wanted to promote a VIP newsletter signup. That way their clients could be notified of new services, upcoming events or any developments in the industry.

We now had enough information to design a custom website that would showcase their services, personal approach and their professional differences.

Branding is really important to us so the site is very consistent with their brand colours of green, grey and charcoal. We used a combination of client supplied images with stock imagery to create a nice balance throughout the website. We selected images that would appeal to their target audience and combined them with pain point questions and statements that would get the attention of their target audience.

The design is very modern, clear and easy to navigate. Most visitors will be interested in their services or be looking for information on their blog, so these links are prominent on all pages.
We included large image links to their common treated injuries that link directly to blog posts covering that topic. Making it super easy and quick for clients to find what they are after!

We explained how awesome video on the home page is for connecting with your audience and getting across that you are the person behind the business, it really helps connect your audience.

How awesome is the video Matt did!!! Check it out on a desktop if you have not already. Love when clients get onboard with your crazy ideas!!!
The blog was a really important feature for Parkside. They would be sharing articles, tips, infographics and videos to assist their clients and showcase their awesome range of services.
The blog design is very visual, clearly includes the text  intros to the posts and is easy searched using the categories. You should check it out!
Matt was really happy with the final website design and functionality. He is now proud to promote his website and will be sharing more on social media.
Visit the website to see for yourself –
Check out the before and after shots of the home page below!

We enjoyed working with Matt and the Parkside team to revamp their online presence. They now have a modern website that will appeal to their audience and showcases them as true professionals in the industry!

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