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We love working with small business to develop and showcase their brand and special services!
We worked closely with Scott from Bob Delaney Electrical to design and develop a custom website design to showcase their experience, services and themselves as the face of the business.

“A website is often one of the first opportunities a business has to engage with a potential customer. It must be engaging, visually appealing and easy to navigate and find information. Having an experienced website designer on board means all this is taken care of.”

– Amanda Hamer, Director
We met with Scott to discuss their existing website and what they wanted to achieve with a new website. Firstly, their old website did not really showcase their services or the family business side to the brand. It was not engaging or inviting for the user to want to browse around and it was not inspiring the user to contact them. The website was dated and not working for them in regards to getting new clients. They wanted to expand and employ more staff, but to do this they wanted to ensure more work and thought that by having a professional and updated website they would gain more clients. Good thinking!!

We designed and built a fully custom designed website solution specifically for Bob Delaney Electrical and they could not be happier.

We worked with their existing brand colours of blue and orange and included a third colour to create contrast and interest. We included symbols and imagery throughout to make the navigation clear and almost provide a path for the user to follow. Their services and work are the heroes of the website!
The website now showcases their services with beautiful imagery and is clear and easy to navigate. Their online presence now includes Bob and Scott as the face of the business. We thought this was important as the customer will know who to expect arriving at their home or business.
We also included a custom designed and built blog for them to showcase their work. The images supplied were amazing and really  shows the quality work and range of services they offer.

Home page design:
web home
Secondary page design:
web dom2
Brand consistency is very important to us and Scott agrees, so we also re-branded their Facebook artwork.

We are very happy with the result we have achieved for Bob Delaney Electrical.

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