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Did you know we design custom apps? Well you do now…
We have been working with Angela from Taming the Monkey Mind Madness to design and develop an awesome study app!
We worked with the brand from the start, designing and developing their logo and overall brand style.

This project was interesting and inspiring right from the first brief meeting. I could see the passion and enthusiasm the client had for her concept and it was evident that it was backed with research and proven methods. I wanted to use the app before it even existed!!

Monkey Mind Madness app addresses emotional and intellectual wellbeing of students whilst studying. It is a focus and mind-set tool to achieve faster, easier results in school and study. By Taming Your Monkey Mind Madness you will nail studying, learn how to avoid distractions and never let fear get in your way of achieving your goals.

The project began with developing story boards and user experience designs for client review to provide feedback.
We revised the navigation and different elements until we created a really smooth customer experience that was intuitive.
Kids were going to be the main users of the app, and while most are pretty tech savvy, we needed to make sure the app was easy to use use.

Once we had the flow and functionality sorted it was time to make this app look awesome!!

We worked with the branding we had developed and added additional icon elements to grow the brand imagery and connection with the user.
The bright colours of the branding, monkey icons and bananas were used throughout to create really fun and eye catching imagery.
The app needed to be visually appealing and stimulating to students, so they would want to give it a go.
Check out a few of the screen designs below:

We also designed an infographic to explain the process in a visual way before they started, together with steps and meet the monkeys section that explains the concept behind the app and introduces the user to the terminology used throughout the app.
The client was wrapped with the app design.
The app was launched onto the app store last month and has already been downloaded nearly 150 times!
View Monkey Mind Madness app on the app store
We also developed imagery for all social media accounts and created a series of graphics and videos advertising the app.

Visit Monkey Mind Madness Facebook page
Check out the videos we created for their YouTube channel
Next project is in the works – the website!!!
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