We have been working with our amazing client ‘100 Candles’ over the past year, developing different pieces of print material and online promotions.

They already had a logo that was recognisable and had a great brand association attached to it. We worked with them to build their brand awareness and develop a more modern and consistent style that works across all media, whilst staying true to their brand qualities.

The primary logo included the wording ‘100 Candles Training’, however we believed that the word training did not really showcase all of the amazing programs that 100 Candles was known for.

They are well known for awesome run and triathlon programs, aswell as their gym. After much discussion we removed the word ‘training’ from their logo and developed a separate brand element GYM / RUN / TRI. The feedback on this has been great! You will see this element on all new brand items like the tent and trisuits.

We also developed a ‘swish’ that was initially used in the trisuit design. This was developed directly from the flame in the original logo. This elements is now used on a variety of branding elements, such as the tent. The ‘swish’ will be integrated into more designs going forward and will grow into another recognisable brand element.

A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.
Seth Godin

We have designed event logos, singlets, shirts, promotional graphics, a trisuit and a tent for events, amount other smaller elements. Throughout it all we have kept the branding consistent, while developing new ways to showcase the brand.

The feedback from our client, their members and others has been overwhelmingly positive. The director was initially struggling to visualise his brand and pinpoint what his brand identity was and how he wanted it to be perceived. We worked with them on their brand and target audience while developing designs for different elements.

We are now in the process of redesigning their website. We can not wait to share the development and growth of this brand with you as it progresses. Great things to come!!!!

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Below is a gallery of different items we have designed for 100 Candles Training.